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Jumper wires for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, breadboards, etc.

Dec. 14, 2018, under cool tech, product reviews

When building a project around an Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone, etc. board, or anything on a solderless breadboard, you frequently find a need to connect pins together.  With a solderless breadboard, you can just strip the ends from a piece of wire and go from point A to point B by inserting the ends of the wire.  That doesn’t work so well for the male pins on the processor boards.  You also have to be careful to not strip too much or too little from the end of the wire, or you might have shorts or poor connections.  If you want to keep a group of wires together, you’ve got to twist them into a bundle, or wrap ties around them.

There’s an easier way: REXQualis 120pcs Breadboard Jumper Wires. These are made from 40 conductor ribbon cable, with 40 individual pins crimped on each end.  The package incudes three 20cm (8″) pieces of ribbon cable.  One has male pins on both ends, one has female pins on each end, and one has male pins on one end and female pins on the other.  That covers pretty much all of the connection types you’re going to encounter.  If you want individual jumper wires, just peel them from the ribbon cable, it easily separates between the conductors.  For a group of wires, peel off the number you need, and they’ll neatly stay together.

If you ask me, this is pretty cool tech!

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