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I am an intelligent, creative and optimistic individual.

I have learned from my past.

I am happy I have learned what I have.

I am applying the knowledge I have gotten to my present situation,
and will continue to do so in the future.

I am happy that I have gotten the experience that I have.

I am not happy with my present situation,
but I am happy with the direction I am going.

I am not happy with the rate I have been progressing,
but I am happy that I am accelerating the rate of my progress.

I am happy I have the skills I do, but I am not satisfied with their number.
I will learn more skills in the future,
and revitalize those that have fallen into disuse.

I will not stagnate;
I cannot allow myself to fall backward;
therefore, I will progress.

I want my future to include my dreams.

The future can only be mine if I earn it.
Therefore, I will earn it.

Nothing can stop me because I am determined to succeed.

The only thing that can stop me from achieving what I want is my own negativity.

Since I want the things I want,
and the only obstacle is myself,
I can, and will, conquer everything in my path.

I will succeed this time.

I will allow no other results.

So be it.

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