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I took this picture of the Erie Lackawana railroad bridge in July of 1978.

At the turn of the century, when it was built, it was the world's longest railroad bridge - spanning over 6000' feet, across the Genesee River's (shallow, here) gorge.

I had to climb around the overlook by the bridge in order to get a clear view of it: Just out of the left edge of this picture, there's a New York State historical marker. The historical marker talks about the Genesee River valley, the Indians that lived there when the area was first settled by Europeans - but makes absolutely no mention of the bridge.

I thought it was rather rude to leave the bridge out of the discussion - It seemed to me that such an achievement should be part of the history of the area that would be noted on a historic marker.

I was shocked to learn a couple of years later that the bridge had been torn down - allegedly because it was no longer being used.

In retrospect, I guess I shouldn't have been as shocked - and I should have expected it: The purpose of that historic marker wasn't so much to inform any passers-by of the history of the region: It was more to give justification for demanding the removal of the bridge. Such is the way our government seems to operate...

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